Casting Call

We have some very fun programming coming up at Highwire, and we want to give you all an opportunity to be part of them. Please pass this on to members of your teams who may be interested.

The Byte Show: This is our monthly online bit show. This takes place at 10 p.m. on the first Saturday of every month. Suggest your weirdest and most creative ideas that can fit into five minutes. See examples of previous bits here. Submit your idea to the Bit Queen Kristen McKenzie at

Half Scripted: This monthly show features a series of two-person scenes where one performer is working from script and the other improvises. We are specifically looking for performers to fill the scripted role. The dirty secret is that because of Zoom, you can work with the script on your screen instead of memorizing lines! You choose a two-person scene from any play, TV show or movie. Contact Andy McIntyre at if you are interested.