Let’s Put on a Show! with Geoff Taylor

Let’s Put on a Show! with Geoff Taylor

Let’s Put on a Show! with Geoff Taylor

June 19


12:00 pm - 02:30 pm

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Highwire Improv

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Make your sets into shows!

Have you been in a jam that was just a series of 2-person scenes that have no common thread other than being loosely based on a one-word suggestion? Been in a mashup that resembled an NBA All-Star game folks chucking up 3’s from half court and then not getting back on D?

Often, we treat jams and mashups as opportunities to get some reps and play with new folks, but they can be so much more! This workshop will focus on making “sets” into “SHOWS!” We’ll do this by determining what we enjoy watching most about Improv shows, formats, styles, and then finding ways to bring those aspects to our own jams, mashups, and even teams we’ve been playing with for years.

We’ll find ways to add production value and pacing to make for a better viewing experience for the audience.

We’ll delve into the “Montage”. Why it has such a bad rap and what we can do to pump some life in this maligned form.

We’ll discuss “Pacing and Spacing” and how this provides a polished look to any show, improv, stand up, or sketch.

Then we’ll put this into practice by performing a 20 minutes set at the end of the workshop to be live streamed on Highwire Improv’s Facebook or YouTube!

Geoff Taylor (he/him) took his first improv class at 40, fell in love with it, and promptly tried to fit 40 years worth of improv classes, jams, shows, and workshops into the next 4 years.

Geoff has studied improv all across the US, and strives to be the kind of improviser that can play with anyone, any style, any format. Experienced improviser or audience member. He is a board member at Highwire Improv and performs regularly with indie teams Whatever This Is?, David Bowie, Bear Trap, and on The Big Show at Socially Distant Improv.

This class is offered completely online through Zoom. We recommend using a computer for the best experience. You do not need a Zoom account, but you might want to try it before the class so you are familiar with it. Captions are available upon request.

All participants must adhere for the Highwire Improv Code of Conduct

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