Highwire Calendar

Welcome to the Highwire Calendar. All shows stream live on our YouTube page. If you don’t see the live show, keep refreshing until it appears.

We schedule our seasons in three-month “seasons” to allow teams and shows to choose their level of commitment based on their own needs. The Highwire calendar will keep you up to date on who is performing this season.

We maintain an archive of all of our shows on our YouTube page, You can check out old shows and watch playlists from your favorite teams and shows.

Highwire Calendar

We are:

  • A new improvisational theater based in Baltimore
  • A community for artists to grow, collaborate, and explore
  • Launching with a philosophy of representing Baltimore and maintaining radical transparency and growth.

We want to make sure everyone has a chance to participate and feel valued. We look forward to building a vibrant creative community celebrating all aspects of improv in the coming months. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Improv is the process of a community coming together to make art in real-time.  Although there are many improv techniques, training programs, and performance practices, at Highwire our process begins with community. That includes our performers, the people of Baltimore, and the larger improv community across the world.  Our motto Community First commits us to learning how we can all create theater, and bring our community to the world through the art of improv.  We are a reaction to the negative impulses and incentives we have seen in improv, in theater, and in our daily lives.