Other Classes

We believe an improv education is necessary, should be equitable, and represent a wide variety of voices and experiences. While there are many theaters across the US and the world offering online classes, we have personally vetted these theaters. This is not an exhaustive list so feel free to E-mail us at highwireimprov@gmail.com with theaters you recommend!

The following theaters are making great efforts to teach improv through the lens of anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-homophobia, and are doing the work to provide safe and equitable spaces for performers of all levels. They also have options for kids and adults!

The PIT, HUGE, RISE, Curious Comedy, Bird City Improv and Hideout theatres all offer diversity and inclusion scholarships. The classes recommended are virtual and represent current offerings. Dates, times and availability change regularly so check often.

Try it out!

These are very no pressure beginner workshops & classes that range from free to $49!

Peoples Improv Theater, NYC: “Joy of Improv”
Hideout Theatre, Austin, TX: “FREE 30 min intro”
Curious Comedy Theater, Portland, OR: “Free Intro to Improv”
Bird City Improv, Baltimore: “Free Improv Workshop”

Beginner to Intermediate

These are for people who want to really dive in and commit to being a student of improv, and begin to hone their skills.

Peoples Improv Theater, NYC: Levels 1-4
Hideout Theatre, Austin, TX: Levels 1-3 for Narrative & Musical; Hideout also offers a variety of $10 drop in classes almost every weeknight.
HUGE Theater, Minneapolis, MN: Levels 1-4
Curious Comedy Theater, Portland, OR: Levels 1-3
Bird City Improv, Baltimore: Core Curriculum

Intermediate to Advanced

These are for improvisers who want to dive deeper and explore genre, form or strengthen technique. There are also great options for people who identify as women, queer, trans, or non-binary.

Peoples Improv Theater, NYC: Classes offered on Dramatic Improv, Fundamentals of a Form, Game and more.
HUGE Theater, Minneapolis, MN: Huge has offered a track for people identifying as women, queer, trans, or gender non-binary, to offer a safe space to explore improv. The class is currently on hold.
Hideout Theatre, Austin, TX: Intensive offered with improviser Shannon Scott for female and non-binary identifying people; Hideout also offers personal feedback workshops with experienced coaches and upper levels in storytelling and dance.
RISE, Denver, CO: Upper level classes offered on form, genre, technique.
Bird City Improv, Baltimore: Upper level and special topic classes on improv formats, improvising for change and improv for anxiety.

Kids Improv!

Peoples Improv Theater, NYC: 5th-8th grades, Scholarships available.
Hideout Theatre, Austin, TX: Classes on offer for children 5-17, and for kids with special needs.