Highwire Improv

Mission & Values

Highwire Improv’s mission is to steward a community of artists committed to growth, collaboration, joy, and justice — in Baltimore and around the world — through improvisational theater.

Core Values


Embodied in our motto ‘Community First’ – we aim to make improvised theater in Baltimore a space for everyone, not for just a small group.


We prioritize the physical, artistic, and psychological safety of our community members, and recognize we all have a part in actively building a safe and supportive environment.


Clear, honest, and kind communication helps everyone work together better. We believe that radical transparency to each other and to the community builds trust and results in the best outcomes for everyone.


We have an imperative to make changes, solve problems, and iterate, rather than wait for perfect solutions.

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

Anti-racism and anti-oppression work is a never ending process that is distinct from any specific policy or tactic.  Highwire Improv will endeavor to uphold the following ongoing approaches to ensure that this work progresses and improves over time:

  • Non-Closure
    Highwire Improv recognizes that we are never done the work of anti-racism and anti-oppression.  Completion of one step, or improvement of one metric reveals the need to address another.  There is no sense of good enough.
  • Transparent and Active Response to Feedback
    We recognize that we will get things wrong and we will always have opportunities to improve.  Highwire Improv does not shy away from receiving feedback – in fact we will actively solicit it from our community, and seek it out from other communities.  Further, we will transparently respond to that feedback – both what feedback we receive and the changes we do or don’t make in response to that feedback.
  • Prioritization in Planning
    Anti-racism and anti-oppression work is a part of every aspect of the community and must be prioritized, including in our budget  It cannot be a tactic added to an already existing plan or policy to be effective.

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