Highwire Improv aims to build a true community of improvisers in Baltimore, as well as connect to the global improv community.  The most visible, central component of that artistic community is the sharing of performance space and the celebration of the art of improv.

Highwire Improv supports exciting, rich, and dynamic programs of content for the online and in-person Baltimore communities.  These will be presented as seasons with dedicated marketing and a schedule over 12-13 weeks (so, four seasons per year, subject to change based on feedback).

Highwire Improv was founded in a time when in-person performances (with or without audiences) were simply not possible due to the state of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We saw this as a great opportunity, not merely a logistical constraint.  Online performance is a critical component of the launch of Highwire Improv but also a critical component of ongoing programming.

In addition to “prime time” weekend slots, we will look to expand to other days and times to make sure Highwire has the best lineup possible. We’re looking for any kind of improv, sketch and other comedy formats. Programming aimed at kids and teens is also encouraged.