Applied Improv

Improv Can…

At Highwire Improv, we believe that improv isn’t just a tool for laughter and entertainment! Improv is a set of communication skills, teamwork, and creativity applied to whatever problem you want to tackle.

Want to get on stage? Improv can do that. Want to build a successful team? Improv can do that. Want to help your students interact with one another? Improv can do that!

Applied Improv for the Workplace

Improv games and exercises are great ways to explore leadership and team-building skills like assertiveness, resilience, collaboration, active listening, and agility in a fun, low-stakes environment. By combining improv instruction with reflection exercises, we create long-term learning and development outcomes for individuals and teams.

Great for sales professionals, technologists, people managers, and new or developing teams.

Applied Improv for Students

Students in K-12 and college can greatly benefit from improv activities to explore creativity, communication skills, and emotional and physical understanding. Maintaining a place to play and explore can provide an impactful new context to develop social and performance skills.

Ideal for career services, arts education, and student life groups.

Applied Improv for Remote and Distributed Teams

Connecting online can be a real challenge, whether your team is temporarily or permanently distributed. Applied improv can tune up skills like listening, giving and sharing space, and building on each others’ ideas that can be difficult to maintain in remote environments. Highwire was formed amidst the pandemic and has virtual facilitation at its core – we’ve run dozens of workshops and hundreds of shows with participants all over the globe.

Perfect for companies operating in a hybrid work environment.

The Highwire Approach

What makes Highwire Improv’s approach to applied improv special?

  1. We are digital natives – we operate our entire organization remotely and have a unique perspective on how to spark creativity and collaboration through the computer screen.
  2. We test and measure – every engagement comes with a complimentary pre- and post-event survey to demonstrate the impact on the outcomes you care about.
  3. We prioritize a safe environment – Highwire has developed an extensive code of conduct and a straightforward process for new groups to check-in, set boundaries, and agree on ways to defuse any unexpected tension.

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