Highwire Improv


Highwire Improv offers a wide variety of classes whether you want to start your improv journey with a multi-week class, level up your skills with special workshops or just take a free Intro to Improv workshop (courtesy of a Maryland State Arts Council grant). We also have regular jams which provide a low-pressure, supportive environment to play and meet new friends.

The best way to learn is to do – and we make it easy, fun, safe, and full of laughter!

Introduction to Improv

Ready to give improv a try? Check out one of our FREE workshops, designed to give you an amazing, low-stress, very fun introduction to improv in just two hours! Program supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council.

Improv Classes

Ready to dive in to learning improv? Our multi-week classes are the place for you! With Foundations classes for beginners and a wide range of skill modules for advanced improvisers, there’s always something to learn from Highwire’s awesome teachers!

Classes @ The Creative Alliance

In partnership with the Creative Alliance in Baltimore’s vibrant and bustling Highlandtown neighborhood, just blocks from Patterson Park, Highwire Improv is hosting a Fundamentals of Improv Level 2 Class starting this May!

Highwire Improv Skill Modules

Skill Modules continue your improv education with an expert instructor focused on one element of improv. Characters, openings, acting, group scenes, and more – pick what interests you! Fundamentals Level 2 is a prerequisite for most Skill Modules.

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