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Are you a current instructor with Highwire Improv? Would you like to work with us? Just curious about how we interact with teachers and coaches? This page contains it all!

Expectations of Instructors

Highwire Improv has a few basic expectations of all instructors, maintained in our Code of Conduct. In particular, we expect instructors to facilitate an anti-oppressive environment and adhere to Highwire Improv’s core values of community, safety, transparency, and action. In addition, we have basic logistic expectations like providing clear workshop descriptions and keeping commitements for planned courses.

Unless otherwise agreed, we expect instructors to run a workshop if at least four students or one-third of the course spots are registered (whichever is greater).

While not explicitly required, we hope that instructors support workshops and classes the teach by sharing events and links with their social media pages and networks.

What Instructors Can Expect From Highwire

Highwire Improv is greatly appreciative of the instructors who bring their expertise to our community, and we’re committed to providing as much reciprocal value to instructors as possible. This comes in two forms: our payment model and our support infrastructure.

Payment Model

Highwire Improv is committeed to a simple, transparent, and equitable model for paying instructors which reflects the value and risk each party takes on. For more details – check out our Payment Policies.

  • For workshops, the instructor and Highwire Improv split ticket sales 60% to the instructor/40% to Highwire, and the instructor sets the ticket price.
  • For classes, the instructor earns a fixed hourly rate of $60/hr, and Highwire sets the ticket price.
  • Highwire Improv pays any transaction fees and covers 100% of all scholarship spaces.
  • Highwire Improv pays for all marketing, tech, and venue expenses.

Support Infrastructure

Highwire Improv provides a broad set of support resources for instructors including:

  • A robust instructor training program including Inclusion in Improv content and group discussions.
  • Creation of events on Eventbrite and Facebook.
  • Independent Zoom tech setup and support, including a tech during online workshops.
  • Marketing graphics for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Social media posts advertising the workshop.
  • Instruction material for the Highwire Curriculum.
  • Feedback surveys for continuous improvement.


Fill out a W-9 Form Online – for our US-based instructors.

Fill out a W-8BEN Form Online – for our non-US-based instructors.

Zoom Tech 101 – an online guide to online improv!

Contact Us

Do you have a workshop you’d like to run with Highwire Improv? Would you like to be considered to teach our core curriculum? Just want to share some ideas? Reach out using our online contact form by clicking here or directly via email at highwireimprov@gmail.com!

If you’d like to sign up for our Instructor Training program, you can fill out this form to indicate your interest!