Community Update – October 2022


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October 11, 2022

Hello Highwire Community!

This month, in addition to our live community meetings, we’re trying a short and sweet blog update for folks who can’t make the live event or who don’t want to watch a longform video! This is just the key info – as always, comment or email us if you have questions!

COVID and Show Status

As of October 10th, Baltimore City is now in low status according to the CDC Community Risk levels, with a lower case load compared to September 2022. At this time, in-person events remain ON, and are recommended for vaccinated individuals only. Two key resources for anyone attending an event:

  • Our regularly updated in-person event status, including local and national COVID data.
  • Our venue guide, which includes information about the the location, physical space, and policies of our in-person venues.

Additionally, we have started tracking Monkeypox data in the same link above, though at this time have no further adjustments to our plans above and beyond those COVID-related procedures.

Finances and Growth

MonthIncomeExpensesNet Income
July 2022$3,951.87$2,401.74$1,550.13
August 2022$222.97$1,364.70-$1,141.73
September 2022$2,145.52$382.76$1,762.76
Monthly financial summary for July through September 2022

Facebook Followers1,0101,0341,0581,065
Instagram Follows890917947974
YouTube views35,27537,05938,02238,826
Unique YouTube viewers2,7003,9002,2002,200
YouTube subscriptions620632641647
Workshops scheduled64656568

Throughout August we had limited programming (only one show) and as such limited income, while we paid ahead for some key expenses like our jam venue and our website domain annual renewal.

Growth Metrics

As we often say – the numbers are going up and to the right, with no major surprises.