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I am a player with Covert Theatre, an improv theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. I perform in short form shows, and a Film Noir and murder mystery troupe. In addition to regular training at Covert with Wade Jackson and others, I have done workshops with David Razowsky, and others at the Auckland and Wellington Improv Festivals. During lockdown I thoroughly enjoyed the world of zoom improv doing courses along the way with Jules Munns, BATS theatre, Kenn Adams, Lauren Bambauer, Improvised Shakespeare… if only the learning would stick, right? This is where I met the fun loving Bela — he that be gallant, willing and foolish enough to partner up with me in ‘Hooray For Yorick’. Thank you Bela! We have a lot of fun practising, and hopefully are getting slightly better, so what more is there to say except ‘hey nony nony’ and Thank You Highwire Improv for providing the playground.