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Highwire Improv Improviser

Keith Estrella

Keith Estrella has been makin’ stuff up on a stage since November 2017, when he took his very first improv class at the Harrisburg Improv Theater in Harrisburg, PA. Since then he’s performed, taught, or coached there and in multiple locations within both Pennsylvania and the Baltimore, MD area. He’s taken the Zoom stage several times as well, learning and performing through World’s Greatest Improv School during the height of the pandemic. Last year, he even took his first transatlantic flight to perform at the Edinburgh International Improv Festival in the incredibly stony city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Currently he enjoys performing at the Baltimore Improv Group with his house team, Snake Oil, and a myriad of other indie teams in the Baltimore area including A++, Brad’s Dad, and Tabletop Live!. He is a proud cat-uncle to his housemate’s orange tabby Reece. Don’t let him talk to you about Dungeons and Dragons (unless you’re into that kind of thing).