Highwire Improv

Highwire Improv Improviser

Misty Letts

Misty Letts stepped into the IMPROV pool 7 years ago and has not looked back. She got her footing at Baltimore Improv Group through curriculum and workshops from various BIG instructors of the form, and digging into opportunities to learn from visiting talent including Don Fanelli (UCB), Kate Zelensky (UCB), Travis Charles Ploeger (iMusical- WIT), and Brian James O’Connell (The Pack Theater, Core Improv Faculty, Core Digital Faculty).

She has also enjoyed playing with Maryland Improv Collective and can presently be found camped out on Highwire’s front stoop. You can catch her in troupes Girl Talk, LIVE Baltimore, One True Pairing and leading workshops around town (as well as parks around town…yep!).

Misty absolutely loves teaching 101 Improv and watching the joy take hold that participating in Improv brings. Misty’s pronouns are she and they/them and can be found on 2 wheels tooling about town, so drive careful!

“Improv helps the world laugh, and listen” – Misty