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Peg Davis

Peg Davis AKA Little Bit the Clown!

Peg Davis lives in Marshfieldl, MA just north of Plymouth. After retiring from the Telephone Company in 1996, Peg worked as a teachers’ aide in the Marshfield Public School system for five years and then went back to get her Masters’ Degree in Special Education in order to teach for several years until she retired to care for granddaughter. In 2015 she decided to spread some joy in the world by becoming a clown. Peg has attended Northeast Clown Institute, run by the Shriners for the past years since 2015. Her husband, Roy recently joined the clown world and now they both participate in numerous Shriners parades and the Shriners circus, spreading joy throughout the world. In 2018, Peg became interested in the world of Improv, which remains her other main hobby. She completed programs at Improv Boston and Inprov Asylum and has been heavily involved with Vintage Improv online community. Through Vintage, Peg formed an online improv team known as Timeless at the Double Nickel. Peg and her three teammates play recurring characters in a devised word which takes place at a fictional bar, the Double Nickel in Davenport, IA. The members of her team love finding different depths to the characters they play. Peg is also a longtime member of a community chorus who has several performances a year. She has been an artist and jewelry maker. Peg has alsjo been actively involved in her garden club as well as a Boosters group that helps financially support her local senior center. Peg’s biggest joy, however, is to keep spreading joy throughout the world with her involvement in these pursuits.