Highwire Improv

Highwire Improv Improviser

Robby Foss

Positive and enthusiastic improviser who loves to share happiness through improv. My mission is to spread kindness and joy to our audience, community at large and create a supportive vibe for all who I interact with. I am a graduate of The Second City Conservatory, UCB, and have taken classes with The Second City Musical Improv, Groundlings, and WGIS. Have performed on WGIS team—FunBut Stressful! and Friday Movie form on the WGIS Twitch channel. Currently I am a cast member with the Timeless Troupe’s Double Nickel devised world format—which is a house team for Vintage Improv “Follies”. Also appear with Timeless Troupe monthly on Andy Abramson’s Improv Extravaganza as well as Highwire. Hosting duties include the Sunday Vintage Follies as well for Vintage Improv. Thank you to the amazing Highwire Improv community for the opportunity to be part of this inclusive and dynamic space.