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Highwire Improv Improviser

Robyn Stegman

Robyn started her acting career playing the titular role in her second grade production of the Magic Pasta Pot. She continues that commitment to silliness and object work as a member of several improv teams including Babeprov, Gigi, and Baybeeeee. Robyn is the founder of Late Night Scaries a horror-themed comedy festival and Ghost Modern Productions. She has produced many shows that combine improv with her nerdy pop culture passions including the Poe Show, honoring the work of Edgar Allan Poe, Oregon Trail Live, an interactive spin on the popular 90s video game and One True Pairing, an improvised fan fiction. She hopes someday to stage a revival of The Great Gritty, her modern retelling of The Great Gatsby with Philadelphia mascots. Robyn is best known as the former voice of Mr. Trash Wheel and continues her work to inspire wonder and action for the ocean at Ocean Conservancy. Her long-term goal is to become fantastically rich so she can build her own Jurassic Park.