Our Brand New (Online) Digs

March 30, 2024

Hey everyone! My name’s Cory, and I’m a comedian, improviser, and general goof-around. I’m also a board member here at Highwire Improv, and over the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard on one of the projects I set out to accomplish as a board member. I’m happy to roll out the beta version of the brand-new Highwire Improv website. We intend the new Highwire Improv website to be a community-focused hub for all we do. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the latest unique things about the Highwire website: a complete archive of all the great teams and concepts we have hosted and a directory of fellow improvisers.

So, our new Teams page will showcase all the great groups of people who share their art with the world online and in person. We’re starting with Season 15’s teams, and we’ll be working on inputting and categorizing our prior teams to Season 1’s pioneers. Suppose teams have provided or want to provide us with any web links (like for their Instagram or TikTok changes). In that case, we’ll link to them, allowing those teams to grow your audience through organic discovery. Our teams that perform online or have any YouTube recordings of their Highwire-hosted shows can submit their videos to us, and we’ll curate a playlist of your work. Highwire has generated hundreds of hours of live improv, the biggest ever collection of improv anywhere online, and we want people to see your fantastic work easily. Any team that doesn’t want their show on the page can opt-out anytime.

And we also know that a team is made of people, and those people make up our teams! Our Improvisers directory can function as your online presence in improv. We’ve designed each Improviser Profile to cross-reference the show or shows you perform here at Highwire Improv and display your biography and any of your social media links. This extra partnership will automatically generate significant interconnectivity between our improviser community. Any improviser who performs with Highwire Improv can submit their profile, and we’ll add it to our list.

We want this website to serve our community, performers, and audiences who enjoy the countless hours of improv theater we perform online and in person around the Baltimore region. If there’s something you’d like the website to do that it currently doesn’t, or if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or criticism, please feel free to use our brand new Contact Us page and shoot us a line. I’m excited to share this new website with you all, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.